Tokayev awards 343 distinguished Kazakh citizens for fight against coronavirus

Tokayev awards 343 distinguished Kazakh citizens for fight against coronavirus

President of Kazakhstan Kassym-Jomart Tokayev took part in a nationwide online forum “BIZ BIRGEMIZ”. He expressed his condolences to the families and friends of those who died from coronavirus and wished sick compatriots to recover as soon as possible.

He emphasized that all countries, including Kazakhstan, are fighting against the pandemic. The country took unprecedented measures.

“Substantial funds were allocated to the fight against coronavirus from the budget. Families with low income received food. A number of benefits were provided for small and medium-sized businesses. “Birgemiz” (We are together) foundation donated substantial funds, while those in need received real assistance at the initiative of the First President of Kazakhstan. This work is being actively carried out by the Nur Otan Party. All this points to inviolability of our unity,” he commented.

President Tokayev pointed out the importance of responsible attitude towards the pandemic and once again called on citizens to be attentive to their own health and take care of their relatives and friends.

“Today the coronavirus spread around the world is rampant. Our country is not the only one attacked by COVID-19. Let’s face it, we relaxed after the state of emergency was lifted. Some citizens and civil servants thought that the dangerous phase passed. Risks were underestimated, people stopped to observe medical rules and regulations, some citizens began to believe rumors that the disease does not exist at all. However, COVID-19 is still seriously dangerous. That is why the Government reinforced the quarantine measures again. None of this is a reason for depression. We should continue live our full lives,” he said.

President Tokayev highlighted that such values as solidarity, resilience and sympathy are traditionally inherent in Kazakh people and thanked medical staff, police officers, militaries, volunteers, civil servants, journalists and philanthropists.

“Doctors, nurses, orderlies, ambulance workers! The biggest burden in the fight against the epidemic fell on your shoulders. Every day you show the strength of your spirit, inflexibility, courage to the country. This is true patriotism. I know, sometimes you perform feats contrary to circumstances. In conditions of the repeated pandemic outbreak, you do not have enough protective suits, the right drugs, hospital beds and other difficulties. We will solve these problems very soon. The Government has a clear instruction to immediately rectify this situation,” he said.

The president also highly appreciated the work of law enforcement officers.

“Stability and calm in society depend on the impeccable work of the police. Today you monitor observance of the quarantine measures and serve on posts. This is a difficult work. Sometimes society criticizes you. However, most of the law enforcement officers show a conscientious attitude to their work,” he noted.

Kassym-Jomart Tokayev emphasized that those who are actively involved in the fight against the pandemic will receive state awards. A monument will be erected in the capital to perpetuate the heroism of Kazakh citizens later.

“I made a decision to award those citizens who worked during this difficult time with a special “Khalyk Algysy” (People’s Gratitude) medal. I believe that the new state medal will be awarded to patriots. Today, we award a number of citizens with this medal as part of the Biz Birgemiz online forum,” he added.

Timur Lesbekov, Head of the Cardiac Surgery Department at the National Research Cardiac Surgery Center, was among those who bravely worked during the pandemic and today received the well-deserved award.

“I have been working in the cardiac surgery for 15 years and got to witness a lot of both happy and sad moments. What we have to see and feel today will leave an indelible mark for life. Our children and parents catch coronavirus, and this horror is transmitted to the population. This morning, unfortunately, I had to connect to a life support system my colleague. This is scary. Believe me, this is scary not because you have to be at work, not because we do not see our families, but because the virus is unstoppable. Fortunately, we did not have to choose between patients who could and could not recover. We treat all of them,” said the doctor.

A total of 343 experts of various areas from all regions of the country, including 60 doctors, 39 police officers, 30 militaries, 41 volunteers, 34 philanthropists, 38 figures of culture and education as well as 25 journalists received the special award “Khalyk Algysy” for significant and fruitful work in the fight against the pandemic.