What are the results of first day of high school graduation exam 2020?

What are the results of first day of high school graduation exam 2020?

164 students were not allowed to take the high school graduation examination due to their academic misconduct and attempts to bring prohibited items, such as phones. 73 out of them were turned away before the start of the exam and 91 were disqualified during the exam. Nauzhan Didarbekova, the Deputy Director of the National Testing Center at the Kazakh Education Ministry, told about the first day of the exam at a briefing.

Two students were not allowed to take the exam due to high body temperature.

“An individual exam will be organized for them on separate days in a separate class. If this person was potential carrier or sick, he or she needs to have a certificate with a negative result of the COVID-19 testing,” said the Deputy Director of the National Testing Center.

4,222 people managed to pass the exam, while 39 of them got more than 130 points (of 140).

“The number of people who passed the exam is 4,222. This is 68.3 percent of all tested. 1,964 did not get enough points to pass, which is 31.7 percent. 39 applicants got more than 130 points. In accordance with the rules, applications for appeal are accepted until 1pm,” said Nauzhan Didarbekova.

She reported that once applications are admitted by local appeal commissions, they are then sent to the republican commission for a final decision. The answer will be given until the end of the day. However, the results of the high school graduation exam will be announced in August. All videos will be analyzed until the 25th. If a student is convicted of using cheat sheets, the results and even the allocated grant will be revoked.

The high school graduation exam in Kazakhstan began on June 21. It was conducted in 15 regions and in 51 facilities out of 161, 44 of them are located in villages. 6,512 people were supposed to take the exam in the first day, but actually only 6,186 took the exam.

The Kazakh Education Ministry decided to add ten more minutes to the examination time this year. The benefits of this step were also highlighted at the briefing.

“This year, taking into account the sanitary and epidemiological situation, about two minutes were allocated to students for each exam task, which is much more than in international exams, where one minute and two seconds are given for each task,” commented Nauzhan Didarbekova.

She added that this practice will continue after the end of the coronavirus pandemic as well. The amendment has already been made to the relevant rules for the conduct of the high school graduation exam.



Photo: kp.kz