Yoga during pandemic: how ancient practices help people fight virus

Yoga during pandemic: how ancient practices help people fight virus

Such concepts as Hatha, Bikram, Ashtanga vinyasa were little known in Kazakhstan few decades ago. All these styles of yoga have spread nowadays. The ancient spiritual practices have become four times more popular over the past ten years. June 21 has been officially marked as the International Day of Yoga six years ago by the initiative of the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. 175 states immediately supported the idea. The adherents gather in squares and parks, exchange experience, hold joint trainings and master classes every year. All the events in major cities had to be held online this year. The slogan this time was “GharGharseYoga” which means “Yoga from home”.

“Technologies play a key role in enabling yoga learning, especially at a time when social distance is a necessity to mitigate COVID-19 spread. In this regard, playlists of animated 3D videos of the Indian Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi, a yoga enthusiast practicing various asanas, are available,” said Indian Ambassador to Kazakhstan Prabhat Kumar.

Those who want to learn more have access to the online education. The Swami Vivekananda Cultural Centre at the Indian Embassy in Kazakhstan organized online trainings to the holiday and many other classes that are available on the official page on Facebook. In those cities that have the opportunity, the trainings were held outside in the fresh air. Nearly 40 people came to the master class in West Kazakhstan region, while hundreds of yoga fans joined the broadcast.

“Yoga, the gift of ancient India to the world, has become the lifestyle of millions of people around the world. Let’s contribute to the global healing process and make healing a part of our lives. People can build peaceful and healthy societies and a harmonious world,” said the Indian diplomat.

Yoga is a great helper in overcoming stress. It reduces aggression and fosters mutual respect. Today, when people around the world are adapting their lives to the pandemic, this type of practice has become even more relevant. Experts said that classes help people also maintain health during quarantine and strengthen immune system.