Kazakhstan launches more trains and planes to reach popular Alakol resort

Kazakhstan launches more trains and planes to reach popular Alakol resort

It is not a secret that Alakol expects an unprecedented influx of visitors this year. Many Kazakh people do not dare to go abroad for vacation this summer and choose domestic directions. Additional passenger trains are launched to the resort to make it easier for visitors to get to healthy waters of Alakol from Nur-Sultan and Almaty.

“Passenger transportation” company reports that due to the emerging demand from the country's population for train tickets to Lake Alakol, it will launch passenger train No. 257/258 “Nur-Sultan 1 - Dostyk” from June 18 and train No. 453/454 “Almaty-2 - Dostyk” from June 19.

The national transportation company reminds that travel documents can be issued on the website using a mobile application, self-service machines, ticket offices as well as using websites and railway ticket sales offices. Nine trains are launched to the direction of the Lake Alakol.

There is good news for those who want to quickly plunge into the waters of Alakol and get to its beaches. Kazakhstan Civil Aviation Committee has recently reported that the number of subsidized flights in this direction may increase.

“At the request of the airline, the issue of increasing flights by seven more per week to Usharal from Nur-Sultan and Almaty is being considered, taking into account the decrease in the number of flights in September and October,” said the Committee press service.

“Kazakh Ministry of Industry and Infrastructure Development is working on the issue of increasing the amount of subsidies allocated for 2020 and launching additional flights from the beginning of July to meet the tourist needs on the air routes Almaty-Zhezkazgan-Almaty, Nur-Sultan-Balkhash-Nur-Sultan, Nur-Sultan-Usharal-Nur-Sultan,” commented the press service.


Photo: express-k.kz