Mangystau region introduces travel passport with top 10 places to visit

Mangystau region introduces travel passport with top 10 places to visit
Mangystau is the sacred places, unique architectural sites, phantasmagoric landscape, sunny resorts and various leisure activities. This region of Kazakhstan has a huge potential for the development of both domestic and world tourism. More than 200,000 tourists visit the region every year.

This place created all conditions for receiving guests such as seven private beaches, 19 holiday resorts, more than 90 hotels from the cheapest and affordable motels to the most expensive and five-star hotels.

Each tourist destination must have its own travel passport. So does Mangystau now. Specialists developed a brand book and the region’s logo. They compiled a guide to the sunny city of Aktau and tourist maps of the coastal zone for visitors. They contain complete information about bus routes, places for photographing and walking on the sea as well as for rest and leisure.

“The booklets have information on the TOP-10 tourist attractions of Mangystau region and Aktau city, service companies and other information. Work has begun on the establishment of information desks at the Aktau International Airport and hotels in the city. The information desks will present tourist routes in the region developed by local tour operators. The “” website also began operating as well as pages on Instagram and Facebook that include information on the sights of the Mangystau region and Aktau. There will be all the necessary information for tourists, and work will be carried out over the year to fill these pages with information,” reported the region’s mayoral office press service.
These are the brightest tourist attractions of Mangystau region and Aktau city that you must visit.

1.Bozjira natural boundary. The Ustyurt plateau is a little-known region in southwestern Kazakhstan. It has one of the most beautiful places which is Bozjira natural boundary. This place is located in the western part of the Ustyurt plateau on the Mangyshlak peninsula of Mangystau region. The little-known path can lead a traveler to a narrow observation deck that opens unforgettable views of the Bozjira valley of castles. The travel across Bozjira involves hiking and road trips.

2.Beket-Ata underground mosque. It is hidden from people and bad weather in the foothills of the Ustyurt plateau. It is called the pearl of the architectural and construction art of Mangystau. At the end of the last century, those who wanted to get into the sacred place overcame this whole path on foot, under the scorching sun. Now a highway has been laid to the mosque, and you can get there by bus as part of a group or by car.

3.Karakiya Trench. According to one version, the Karakiya trench translates as a “Black maw”. The excavation pit is huge. The lowest point of Karakiya is located in the southern part and is 132 meters below sea level, which gives it the status of one of the lowest in the world.

4.Sherkala Mountain. Anyone who really wants to know the Mangystau region will definitely visit the magnificent mountain canyons, which are crowned by the beautiful Sherkala. Some assure that it reminds a bowl that was turned over, others say that it looks like a yurt on the one side and like a hidden beast on the other. The mountain-sphinx Sherkala rises in the middle of the desert expanses. It is difficult to climb onto it and it is even more difficult to climb down. You cannot go into its caves, because they are inhabited by spirits, locals say. Sherkala is considered one of the shrines of Mangystau.

5.Valley of Torysh balls. The valley attracts travelers who visit the peninsula to see with their own eyes thousands of stone blocks of the correct spherical shape. The balls have different sizes and colors, but mainly consist of sedimentary rocks (sand and clay).

6.Embankment of Aktau. This unique seaside boulevard is located almost along the entire city coast, reviving the architectural appearance. In the evening, you can enjoy gorgeous views of the Caspian Sea and the beauty of an unprecedented sunset.

7.The rocky trail. This pedestrian path between a sheer cliff and the sea is one of the most popular sites for visitors and local residents. The paved trail is presented in the form of an impregnable fortress and nowadays is a unique structure that has no analogues in the CIS.

8.Aquarius. The aquarium hall with valuable and rare species of sturgeon fish is located in one of the city's hotels, right on the Caspian coast. Nearly 400 fish weighing from 1.5 to 4 kilograms live in it. This object performs two functions at once: introducing the life of the Red Book fish to tourists and residents of the region as well as replenishing sturgeon stocks of the Caspian Sea.

9.Leisure on the water. A unique opportunity to enjoy the immense beauty of the local region is to take part in sea excursions and boat trips on modern ships: catamarans and yachts. You can drive through more than seven kilometers along the coast of the Caspian Sea within half an hour. Aktau is a unique place for kitesurfing and other types of marine entertainment.

10.Beach area. The coast of Aktau has a unique beach area with the length of 40 kilometers. Due to the features of the coastline relief, the water here is always much warmer than in other areas of the coast. Numerous resorts reach this beach, providing tourists with a high level of comfort and first-class service.

Local authorities plan to increase the influx of tourists by 1.5 times in the next few years and up to 740,000 visits per season in ten years, first of all, due to the development of the beach tourism. Tourism experts said that ethnic, cultural and eco- tourism also have the potential for the development in the region.