Several regions of Kazakhstan reinforce quarantine measures

Several regions of Kazakhstan reinforce quarantine measures

The long-awaited reopening of cinemas as well as children’s game centers in shopping and entertainment malls of Nur-Sultan was decided to be postponed to prevent additional risks of the infection spread. Kindergartens will continue working with groups with no more than 15 children. These institutions receive children only with certificates from local pediatricians. Kindergarten teachers must measure children’s temperature in the presence of parents under the supervision of medical worker every morning.

“Even the healthiest and youngest people can catch the dangerous infection. People must be extremely careful. The negligence of some citizens should not cost others health. Coronavirus can destroy the human body in a few days. Never self-medicate,” said a spokesperson of the city’s Healthcare Department Saule Kisikova.

Statistics on the infection spread in some regions of the country exceeds threshold levels. In this regard, the recently eased quarantine measures are being reinforced again.

According to the statement of Chief State Sanitary Doctor of Akmola region Ainagul Mussina, seven roadblocks will begin operating around Kokshetau city starting from 20:00, June 15. Here, the work of retail facilities selling food and household chemicals, non-food stores, sports and catering facilities as well as religious institutions will be limited.

“As of June 14, 199 more cases of coronavirus were registered in the region. Four people died. Situation in the regional center remains critical. The work of monitoring groups showed irresponsibility of residents to their health and health of their relatives. It was found out that mass family events such as birthdays, weddings, funerals, wakes have been conducted. Some enterprises do not observe sanitary and epidemiological rules. We take administrative measures on all these cases,” said the statement.

Restriction measures were imposed in West Kazakhstan region as well. According to the statement of the region’s Chief State Sanitary Doctor, banquets, weddings, anniversaries as well as family, commemorative, ceremonial and other events with a large crowd of people are prohibited starting from today, June 15. Only duty groups are allowed to work in all preschool organizations. The activities of the city leisure park, entertainment facilities, cinemas, playgrounds of all kinds (except for courtyards), nightclubs, computer and game clubs, hookahs, bookmakers, children's health and school camps, the provision of catering services and services for organizing holidays, religious sites are also suspended.

The quarantine was reinforced in Zhambyl region since yesterday, June 14, and in Karagandy region since June 13. North Kazakhstan region limited the work of some facilities including trade, service and intercity public transport from last Saturday.

Easing of the quarantine measures led to irresponsibility of the population. People do not wear masks, do not maintain social distance, ignore safety rules. Despite the ban, family events are conducted with a huge crowd of people. Medical workers said that this was evidenced by results of epidemiological studies. Therefore, Kazakh citizens are urged to look at the overall statistics and take precautions.