Walking expedition from Almaty is heading to Abai Kunanbaiuly’s hometown

Walking expedition from Almaty is heading to Abai Kunanbaiuly’s hometown

The expedition members, who headed from Almaty to the hometown of the great Kazakh poet Abai, plan to walk 1,200 kilometers in 30 days. Four young people decided to organize a walking trip to Zhidebai village located in East Kazakhstan region to mark the upcoming 175th birthday anniversary of Abai Kunanbaiuly. They have set off for such a long walking expedition for the first time. The expedition members said that they have prepared thoroughly for the long journey. 

“This year is the anniversary of the great Kazakh poet Abai Kunanbaiuly. We decided to pay tribute to our ancestor, the founder of the Kazakh literature, and to set off for the walking expedition,” said the expedition member Damir Kusheyev.

The expedition members want to get acquainted with the works of the great Kazakh poet while walking towards Zhidebai village. They are listening to audio books on the road, including Abai’s ‘Words of Edification’. Members of the walking expedition plan to arrive in Zhidebai village on July 12. On the way, they will visit the madrasa where Abai studied, as well as the house-museum, where the great poet lived. 

“Abai is a mirror of the Kazakh literature, because he was the visionary of the Kazakh language. Abai included many literary genres in his work. His poetry is riveting, although it is very simple at first glance. Each poem conveys its own unique message,” said the tour guide Olga Boldakova.


Photo: khabar.kz