Nur-Sultan mayoral office tells how and where high school graduation exam will be held

Nur-Sultan mayoral office tells how and where high school graduation exam will be held

Mayoral office of Kazakhstan’s capital told about new details of the most important exam for Kazakh school students. The office’s representatives have already determined places and procedure for the exam. Although the high school graduation examination was decided to be held offline, it has many innovations this year. It will be conducted not every other day, as before, but daily. The exam in Nur-Sultan will be carried out from June 20 until July 5 in three universities: Eurasian National University, Kazakh Agricultural Technical University and Kazakh University of Economics, Finance and International Trade.

“To date, we have a database of the exam participants. The procedure for assigning identification codes has passed. The facilities for the exam will be supplied with all necessary equipment,” reported the Education Department of Nur-Sultan.

The number of student groups was doubled this year. The graduates were divided to 14 groups. That is why the exam will be conducted every day. Parents will not be able to support their children this year, because they will be not allowed to enter the universities’ territory. Kazakh Ministry of Education decided not to allow crowded places. Online broadcasts from classrooms will be organized for worrying mothers and fathers.

Police officers will monitor public order during the exam, while education department experts will have to ensure that children and teachers do not forget about safety measures.

“Outreach will be conducted among teachers and graduates on the prevention of COVID-19 spread. The distance between the tables in the classrooms should be at least two meters. The instructions states a supply of disinfectants (respiratory masks, gloves, sanitizers); maintenance of the distance at least one meter between an examined person and an employee during temperature measurement; observance of the sanitary-disinfection mode in the classrooms of universities; ensuring the smooth operation of ventilation systems and air conditioning systems,” explained in the ministry.

100 law enforcement officers and 10 special vehicles will provide public order during the exam in the capital. Nine medical workers and 3 ambulances will be also involved. 24 employees will monitor fire safety. Students living on the outskirts of the city will be taken to the exam. For this purpose, the department prepared 46 buses.

The examination’s format is the same. It will be conducted in paper form in five subjects: three compulsory and two electives. The number of test tasks is 120, the maximum number of points is 140.

6,515 children graduated this year in the capital’s schools. 95 percent of them wanted to pass the exam.

More than 130,000 applicants will pass the exam this year, which is the highest record in Kazakhstan. They have an incentive: the ministry previously announced that universities provide over 53,000 grants for graduates.