Primaries hotline launches in Kazakhstan

Primaries hotline launches in Kazakhstan
Kazakh citizens will be able to get answers to questions "What are the primaries?" and “How to take part in the party preliminaries?” by calling the hotline. You can also ask questions on the official pages in the social networks of the Nur Otan party.
A special online training program “Primaries. Public policy. What should be the image of a Member of Parliament?” will be implemented as part of the project. Speakers of the seminars will be famous political scientists, government officials, public figures and psychologists. The training program will consist of four modules. These are a mechanism for implementing party preliminaries, international experience in conducting primaries, the role and place of the MP in power as well as an image of a parliamentarian, creating an image and an effective model of behavior and political rhetoric.
Chairman of the Nur Otan party Nursultan Nazarbayev signed a statement on conducting the primaries from August 17 to October 3.
“The tasks of the primaries involve attracting real and strong leaders on the principle of “Strong Leaders – Strong Party”, creating a “social elevator” for active and proactive citizens, involving the masses in discussing the country's development, identifying relevant problems for systemic work in the regions as well as increasing personal responsibility of candidates,” said First Deputy Chairperson of the party Bauyrzhan Baibek.
The hotline number: 8-700-800-44-41.