All regions vigorously prepare for 175th anniversary of Abai

All regions vigorously prepare for 175th anniversary of Abai

According to website, a mural with a picture of Abai Kunanbaiuly appeared in Nur-Sultan. The portrait of the great Kazakh poet is depicted on the entire wall of one of the high-rise buildings on Abai Avenue. The work was dedicated to the 175th birth anniversary of the founder of Kazakh written literature with the support of Baikonyr district’s mayoral office.

Konstantin Stanislavski Russian Drama Theatre in Karagandy began preparing to a play “You should know, descendant, I have made the way for you” in honor of the Kazakh poet’s anniversary. The play was based on a novel “The Path of Abai” by Mukhtar Auezov.

“This is the fate of a tragic, lonely person. A gloomy era among prudes, among such inert, gray-bearded elders-feudal lords. About a man who immeasurably loved his people and tried to lead them towards the world of prosperity, civilization with his creativity, deeds, thoughts, actions until the end of his life. On this path, he practically sacrificed the life of his children, teaching them away from their native land. Subsequently, Abdrakhman, the eldest son, fell heavily ill and died without fulfilling the hope and aspirations of his father. This is the play about a man who for his goal was walking through the hindrances of the era in which he lived. He seemed to be a stranger among his own people and welcomed among strangers,” said Dunai Yespayev, Director of the theatre and the stage director of the play.

According to authors, the main storyline of the play is Abai’s relationship with his own children.

“For some reason, it seemed to me that this was not a completely open theme in studying the heritage of Abai. We carried out the first reading discussion. We consulted, and I decided to further refine this material. Having accepted honest, good, direct comments yesterday, I began to refine this material. I think that more heroes will be added. The whole theatre is involved in this play, I am even afraid that there will not be enough artists, because it is so large-scale. I do not see the boundaries where it will end yet,” commented the stage director.

The premiere of the play is planned in the end of August. Artists hope that by that time the theatre will open, and people will be allowed to visit.

A large-scale preparation to Abai’s anniversary is underway in the east of the country. Currently, the native land of the great poet is reminding a one big construction site, where tremendous projects such as new social facilities and cultural attractions are planned to be implemented.

“A large-scale construction is underway. It appears that all the special equipment of the region is concentrated in our area. The whole life story of Abai should be studied by children, starting with Syrt Kaskabulak, where a holy spring is located. It was not available for many decades, contrary to now,” said an akyn Tolegen Zhangaliyev.

Work on the construction of a park named after the poet continues within an area of 15 hectares. Works on planting green spaces are currently underway here. As planned by the project’s author, the walking road is depicted as a dombyra. Almost two billion tenge (US$5 million) was allocated for the facility from the state budget.