Kazakh archeologists study ancient cities and the Golden Horde’s influence on them

Kazakh archeologists study ancient cities and the Golden Horde’s influence on them
Today, archeological excavations of six historical and cultural monuments are underway in Kyzylorda region. Scientists plan to thoroughly study ancient cities such as Babish-Mola of Saka era, Zhankent - a major center of Oghuz state, Sortobe - a monument of Zhetyasar culture and well-known cities that were most influenced by the khans of the Golden Horde – Syganak, Asanas and Barshynkent, also known as Kyshkala. Researchers note how the history becomes clear here. Many of the artifacts found make it possible to uncover the secrets of the settlements: with whom the Golden Horde’s residents traded, what crafts flourished, what influence the Oghuzes, Kipchaks, Mongols and other tribes had on each other's cultures.
Experts highlighted that such large-scale studies will make new discoveries, which is particularly relevant during the celebration of the 750th anniversary of the Golden Horde. Local authorities attach great importance to improving the infrastructure of heritage sites. For example, the territories of Syganak and Zhankent were fenced, and access roads to them were restored. Scientists said that one of the important goals is to turn the historical monuments into real open-air museums. This will attract tourists to the region.
“It is obvious that spirituality and culture, which are the treasures of the people, play a special role in the dynamic development of each region. Syr Darya region has many historical and cultural monuments and it should become an educational tourist destination of the Great Silk Road. Our main goal is to preserve and pass on our national cultural values to the younger generation,” said Mira Abuova, Head of the Department of Culture, Archives and Documentation of Kyzylorda region.
Archeological research in Kyzylorda region has been well underway for six years. As a result, the funds of a local history museum of the region were replenished with almost 6,500 valuable exhibits. In total, there are 545 historical and cultural monuments in the region, 134 of them are archeological sites.
Photo: azan.kz