Kazakh soldiers prepare for Moscow Victory Parade

Kazakh soldiers prepare for Moscow Victory Parade

On June 24, Russia’s capital will hold a victory parade dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the victory in the Second World War. Kazakh militaries will take part in it at the invitation of Russian party. Currently, they are actively preparing. According to Kazakh Defense Ministry, three parade crews were formed, including two from units of the Air Assault Forces and one from the third-year cadets of the Military Institute of the Kazakh Ground Forces.

“This year we mark the 75th anniversary of the Victory Day in the World War II. Russian Defense Ministry invited our troops to take part in the parade on Red Square. The ground forces assigned three well-prepared crews who observe all sanitary and hygienic requirements. They measure temperature three to four times a day and solve other issues. It is very important for us to participate in the parade on Red Square and show our country. Preparations are well underway,” said Deputy Commander-in-Chief of the Kazakh ground forces in charge of combat training, Major General Daulet Ospanov.

Participation in the parade for Kazakh soldiers is an opportunity to express gratitude and tribute to the heroes of Kazakhstan, who fought for a common victory at the cost of their own lives. There are many soldiers, among those who are preparing for the parade, whose grandfathers fought on the fields of the WWII and even participated in the first post-war Moscow Victory Parade.

“I am a grandson of the WWII veteran Balgimbayev Aidarbai Nauryzbaiuly who went to the war in Belarus and made it to Berlin. Having passed a tough selection in the parade among the air assault troops, I am glad that I am going to Moscow to take part in the 75th anniversary of the Great Victory,” said a soldier of the 35th Guards air assault brigade, sergeant Serikbek Balgimbayev.

Quarantine measures are still in action. The parade will be held with observance of strict sanitary rules this time. They are not violated during the preparations as well. The disinfection and sanitation modes have been strengthened here. Doctors check soldiers at least twice a day, carry out treatment, wet cleaning and airing the premises. Participants of the parade are isolated from the rest of the personnel. While they are rehearsing, even relatives cannot visit them.


Photo: 24.kz