There is shortage in area journalists, says Aida Balayeva

There is shortage in area journalists, says Aida Balayeva

It is necessary to develop area journalism and revise personnel training system, Kazakh Minister of Information and Social Development Aida Balayeva reported during the round table on media development issue. She explained that there is a shortage of sufficiently qualified and competent journalists who can write about economy, medicine and finance without mistakes.

“Editorial offices have to entrust such responsibilities to specialists with common knowledge. As a result, people get low-quality content and erroneous information,” said the minister.

She emphasized the role of a multimedia educational platform, which will be developed as part of the National plan to address this issue. In particular, special attention was paid to grant programs for young specialists. Leading experts of journalism and education will be involved in its development and implementation.

Aida Balayeva thanked journalists who kept working during the pandemic.

“Our journalists along with doctors, police and military were at the forefront overcoming difficulties and providing people with timely and reliable information. It is known that no additional sanitary safety measures were provided for journalists. Nevertheless, reporters and many technical staff worked hard. Therefore, I express my sincere gratitude to all information workers,” she added.