Cinema business during quarantine: will cinemas survive?

Cinema business during quarantine: will cinemas survive?

Cinemas in Kazakhstan will open in less than two weeks. How will cinema halls work in the pandemic conditions? What sanitary rules must be observed? Will tickets become more expensive and how profitable will this business be for entrepreneurs since it would be impossible to sell all tickets due to the social distancing?

Cinemas in different countries gradually reopen. Entrepreneurs are happy because they suffer huge losses of the downtime. They are concerned by examples in the world and think if they would be able to get back former incomes and make the business profitable again? According to media reports, almost 5,000 cinemas can be closed forever in China.

Meantime, Kazakh Interdepartmental Commission made a decision to open cinemas officially on June 15. Will it be profitable for businesspeople?

“These requirements will definitely affect incomes, because any reduction of movie sessions associated with additional sanitary rules is inextricably related to income. A decrease in the number of seats will affect the income. We will have to weigh all of this and we will still consider whether it is profitable to reopen,” commented Commercial Director at capitals’ cinema chain Dmitry Kirienko.

Cinema halls are actively preparing to reopen. It is necessary to provide for many nuances to comply with all the instructions of sanitary doctors, so that the opened cinemas will not be closed again for non-compliance with the sanitary rules.

“The preparation is underway. We are trying to equip the halls with personal protective equipment such as sanitizers and bring sanitary conditions back to normal. The rules of non-violation of the social distance will be also observed. We are already making videos on this topic,” said Dmitry.

He opined that Kazakh citizens will keep going to cinemas. A huge inflow of movie fans is expected in all cinema halls on June 15. Entrepreneurs promised not to raise the ticket prices.

Meanwhile, the work of VIP movie rooms was not stopped. They are the only ones who receive box office from film rentals until June 15. Movie rooms are widely popular at the moment. Residents like such places because of comfort. Here you can lie on wide sofas, order food and drinks, arrange a holiday and even have a romantic date.

“We work every day as we used to before the pandemic. The number of visitors is constantly growing. Regular guests come every day and we receive calls from those who want to go to the movie room,” said a manager of one of the capital’s VIP movie rooms.

Sanitary rules in movie rooms must be observed both by staff and visitors.

“We clean halls with a disinfectant solution after each session. Air ventilation is turned on (intake, exhaust) all the time. The staff works in masks. Antiseptics are installed at the entrance and in each room. Every 30 minutes, all handles and doors are wiped with a solution of diachlor, and a wet cleaning of the hall is carried out three times a day,” said the manager.

Experts said that big cinemas in Kazakhstan lost nearly four billion tenge (US$10 million) during the quarantine. Therefore, June 15 is the so-called defibrillator that will bring the business back to normal life.