More than 53,000 educational grants are available to prospective students this year

More than 53,000 educational grants are available to prospective students this year

Kazakh Minister of Education and Science Askhat Aimagambetov announced at the reporting meeting with the population that was held online that this year there are more than 53,000 educational grants available for the students applying to the universities in the country. He also spoke about the achievements of the education sector in Kazakhstan and noted the moments that need to be further developed.

Aimagambetov said that improving the quality of education and creating comfortable conditions should begin with the construction of new schools in order to eliminate their shortage.

“According to forecast estimates, by 2025, the deficit might amount to nearly 500,000 places in the schools of Kazakhstan. We admit that this problem exists. That is why, the indicator has been laid in state programs for the development of education and science, and we plan to build at least 800 schools. This year nearly 80 educational facilities will be built,” said Aimagambetov.

He also emphasized that the Ministry set a global goal to switch the education system to one-shift schools. The safety of children is another important issue. Currently, the Kazakh Ministry of Education and Science together with the interested state bodies are working on improving the legislation in this area. According to the new amendment, teachers and the workers in the field of the healthcare and social protection of the population are obliged to immediately inform the law enforcement agencies about the cases of commission of offences by the juveniles or the violations committed against the juveniles. The punishments for child abuse were also tightened.

“One of the important factors is the availability of video surveillance systems. Today, nearly 90 percent of our pre-school education organizations are equipped with surveillance cameras. We will continue carrying out this work,” said Aimagambetov.

The Minister of Education and Science recalled that this year the wages in education sector were raised and noted that the salaries will continue rising. In addition, university professors will be paid extra money for mentoring their young colleagues. The bonus will amount to 17,000 tenge (US$43). The increase in the cost of the educational grant can also result in the income increase for the teachers.

“It is very important that an increase in the cost of the educational grant entails a corresponding increase in the salaries of the teachers. When in certain universities the salary amounts to 70,000 tenge (US$176) or 80,000 tenge (US$201), these are, of course, absolutely unacceptable numbers. Yes, there has been an increase in the salaries within the last year, somewhere by 70 percent, somewhere by 50 percent and somewhere by 20 percent. However, we believe that with an increase in the public procurement of grants, the universities will also start increasing the salaries of the faculty members,” Aimagambetov noted.

He also said that the number of school students who switched to the updated content of education is approaching 100 percent. According to the Minister’s report, previously, only grades 1 to 10 of the Kazakh schools studied under the new school curriculum. Soon, 11th graders will also switch to it.

“96 percent of school students switched to the updated content of education. Starting September 1, the 11th grade students will switch to the updated curriculum, and we will complete the transition to the updated content of education,” concluded Aimagambetov.