Kazakhstan marks State Symbols Day

Kazakhstan marks State Symbols Day

Emblem, flag and anthem of Kazakhstan are the country’s important attributes embodying national and cultural identity, political values and the state’s goals. This issue was discussed at an online round table in the Library of the First President of Kazakhstan today. Leaders of youth organizations, artists, winners of the “100 new faces of Kazakhstan” project, teachers and students of universities and colleges took part in it. They held a discussion on the importance of state symbols and emphasized it in the formation of Kazakh patriotism.

The State Symbols Day is a special page in the history of independent Kazakhstan and an important step in the formation of true sovereignty, said Director of the Library of the First President of Kazakhstan, Professor Amerkhan Rakhimzhanov. He told the participants interesting facts from the history of Kazakhstan’s state symbols creation. In early 1992, a resolution of the Presidium of the Supreme Council was issued on the creation of a working group to prepare new state symbols. A special creative commission was formed. More than 600 people took part in a competition announced for the development of projects of the emblem, flag and anthem. A total of 1,200 applications of creative designs of the state flag sketches were submitted. 245 image projects and 67 descriptions of the future national emblem as well as 750 versions of the national anthem were proposed.

“Kazakhstan has gone through a long and arduous road in its struggle for the independence, full of difficult trials, losses and the hope of proudly raising its own national flag in its native land. General population, public representatives, scientists and ordinary citizens took part in the creation of their own state symbols. First President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev also made his contribution to it. State symbols are a solid foundation of the Kazakh patriotism, unconditional love for the Motherland, an integral part of the citizenship and continuity of generations,” said Amerkhan Rakhimzhanov, Professor and Doctor of Political Sciences.

The graduate students of the Kazakh National Agrarian University joined the online meeting ‘The symbols of hope and dreams of the country”. Executive Director of the Kazakh Youth Congress Toktar Bolysov noted that the main idea of celebrating the State Symbols Day of Kazakhstan is in strengthening the youth patriotism and unity of all the nations living in Kazakhstan, as well popularizing the values and achievements of the sovereign state.

A representative of the ‘Zharasym’ youth organization Timur Dzhumurbayev said that the state symbols are an important element of the social cohesion and national unity.

“For all of us, regardless which ethnic group we belong to, the state symbols of Kazakhstan are the cause for pride and respect,” said Dzhumurbayev.



Photo: 24.kz