Officer of Emergency Situations Department in Nur-Sultan launches new YouTube project

Officer of Emergency Situations Department in Nur-Sultan launches new YouTube project

Young rescuers of the Department of Emergency Situations of the city of Nur-Sultan decided to show to the public how they work and reveal what it is like to be ready every second to rescue people in any emergency situation. Officer of the Emergency Situations Department in the Kazakh capital Baurzhan Akhmetalin is the author of the YouTube project. The main idea of the new YouTube Channel is to invite Kazakh public figures as guests of the episodes and put them in rescuer’s shoes. The invited guests will have the opportunity to feel themselves like real rescuers for one day. Akhmetalin’s friends helped him with the shooting and editing of the videos. The project is based on pure enthusiasm.

“During quarantine, I thought that I should do something useful and came up with the project that would be interesting to the audience. Since I myself am a lifeguard, I decided to launch the project ‘One day of the rescuer’s life’. I combined my passion with work, and that’s what happened. Most importantly, this project will be a kind of an educating platform for the population, because my videos will be showing the life-saving skills of how to provide first aid or to survive in extreme conditions and so on. Many people don’t really understand what exactly rescuers and firefighters do until they encounter some emergency situation in which they would need rescue. We need to break the stereotype that the rescuers and firefighters are sleeping on work shifts!” Akhmetalin said.

The record-breaking Kazakh swimmers Elmira Aigaliyeva and Ksenia Romanchuk became the participants of the first episode of the Akhmetalin’s new YouTube project. They boldly dove into water, climbed a wall and carried heavy equipment. Now Aigaliyeva and Romanchuk know firsthand that a rescuer is a superhuman. Lifeguards can do anything, and they always rush to the rescue. The functions of the rescue team are beyond count. Every day, they do such work for which ordinary citizens would usually get medals.

“The hardest task for me was climbing. Not because I don’t know how to do it, but because I had manicured nails and my sneakers were extremely uncomfortable. Undoubtedly, the work of the rescuers is very hard. Of course, I always knew this, because every job, just like in sports, is very difficult in its own way. Everything has its nuances, and this is absolutely normal. Of course, sitting at home, we can’t see what tremendous work the rescuers do on a daily basis and how they are saving lives while risking their own life!” said Elmira Aigaliyeva, a record holder of Asian Swimming Championships and the Asian Games medalist in swimming.

The first episode of the project has been already uploaded on YouTube. Akhmetalin said that in the future the guests of his programs will be not only the eminent athletes, but also bloggers and actors. The young YouTuber believes that they also might be interested in trying themselves in a new profession, even though for only one day. In addition, it is important to reach out to as many people as possible and teach them the important skills in such an entertaining format and unobtrusive way, so that more people would know how to help themselves and their loved ones in an emergency situation.