Kazakh athletes return to training after end of state of emergency

Kazakh athletes return to training after end of state of emergency
Kazakh national teams will resume the training camps in the near future for athletes. First, all of the athletes will undergo the COVID-19 test and only then they will get to work. A special republican commission was formed in Kazakhstan to organize and control a high-quality training process under the quarantine regime. Director of the Kazakh National Olympic Committee’s Sports Directorate Yelsiyar Kanagatov was appointed the head of the commission. 

“During the nationwide state of emergency, most of the athletes of the national teams stayed and trained at home. However, now, when the state of emergency is over, the teams need to continue the intensive preparation for the important competitions to win the Olympic licenses for the Olympic Games in Tokyo. Of course, the health of our athletes is still a priority for us. That is why it is now important to ensure the highest quality and safe trainings for them,” said Kanagatov. 

Only accredited sports facilities that are in compliance with all of the sanitary rules will be allowed to host trainings. The National Olympic Committee of Kazakhstan developed special isolation regulations during the training camps. The number of staff will be reduced. They, just like the athletes, will live and eat in isolation. Even the communication between the members of different teams will be prohibited.

“All athletes and coaches will be required to undergo the PCR-based COVID-19 test before arriving at the sports base. Then, they will be given the necessary personal protective equipment. In addition, the medical examinations will be conducted several times a day,” Kazakh National Olympic Committee reported.

The boxers will be the first to resume the sports training camps at the ‘Akbulak’ Olympic Center. The base is fully prepared to receive the athletes.
Photo: express-k.kz