Face recognition system to be used during high school graduation exam in Kazakhstan

Face recognition system to be used during high school graduation exam in Kazakhstan

The high school graduation examination period is approaching in Kazakhstan. School graduates will experience a lot of innovations this year. Kazakh Minister of Education and Science Askhat Aimagambetov announced at the government meeting that a face recognition system ‘Face ID’ will be introduced at the entrance to the examination rooms for the first time in the history of the high school graduation exam in the country. The students will have to go through the personal identification before starting the test.

“The face recognition system used when entering the high school graduation examination will be introduced for the first time. This year, instead of a traditional paper certificate, which used to be issued every year, we introduced an electronic certificate and also another electronic certificate for educational grants,” Aimagambetov noted.

In addition, a scale for transferring the scores of the ‘SAT’ and ‘IB’ international tests into the scores of the Kazakh high school graduation exam was introduced in in the country. From now on, graduates with such certificates will not be required to pass the high school graduation examination in Kazakhstan, but they still will be able to participate on equal terms in the competition for educational grants. In addition, the high school graduation exam-takers will be allowed to use a calculator during the exam. The duration of the exam was increased by 10 minutes. Now, the students will be given four hours to complete the test. Aimagambetov recalled that those who will not obtain a minimum score on the exam will have the opportunity to retake the exam within a year. Strict measures will be applied to the students who will smuggle in various gadgets, communication devices, cheat sheets and books into the examination room.

“If the fact of using the prohibited items by the exam-takers will be identified while watching the videotapes, the results of the high school graduation examination, as well as educational grants, will be annulled,” emphasized Aimagambetov.

Kazakh Minister of Education and Science Askhat Aimagambetov warned that this year the parents of the students will not be allowed to wait for their children outside during the examination due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The online broadcast of the examination will be organized specially for them. Family and relatives of an exam-taker will be able to observe how their children are passing the examination without leaving their homes. The sanitary norms will be followed at the exam rooms as well. The students will be seated following the social distancing recommendations. The exam-takers will also be asked to put on the respirators.

“First, the graduates will be required to go through disinfectant tunnels. Second, they will need to go through a disinfection of shoes with special rugs. Third, the floor will be sanitized with special disinfectants. Fourth, the exam-takers will go through the body temperature measurement procedure. Fifth, compulsory wearing of respirators will be introduced. In total, strict sanitary rules, which were agreed upon with the country’s chief sanitary officer, will be observed everywhere,” Aimagambetov said.

This year, the most important exam for all of the prospective students in Kazakhstan will be held from June 20 to July 5. More than 160 test centers will work in strict compliance with the sanitary requirements. Aimagambetov said that the materials for the examination have already been printed and the exam rooms have been fully equipped. This year, more than 130,000 Kazakh school students will take the high school graduation exam. This is 11 percent more than the last year. The applications for the participation on exam were collected online for the first time in the exam’s history. Only the high school graduates from the regions that do not have Internet access were given the opportunity to submit documents in a traditional way. As for the high school graduation exam itself, it hasn’t changed. The written test will consist of five subjects: three compulsory and two electives. The total number of tasks is 120 and the maximum score on the exam is 140.


Photo: holanews.kz