Issue of employment is of paramount importance, Kazakh Prime Minister says

Issue of employment is of paramount importance, Kazakh Prime Minister says

According to the government conference call chaired by Kazakh Prime Minister Askar Mamin, 1.22 million Kazakh citizens will be covered by the employment measures as part of the implementation of state programs. Of these 1.22 million people, 600,000 Kazakh citizens will get jobs under the ‘Yenbek’ state program, 255,000 people will get a job placement under the ‘Employment Roadmap 2020’, and 364,000 people will find employment as part of the ‘Nurly Zhol’, ‘Digital Kazakhstan’, ‘Nurly Zher’, ‘Business Roadmap 2020’, as well as other state programs of the country.

Since the beginning of the year, more than 260,000 people applied for participation in the ‘Yenbek’ state program. 184,000 of them, which is more than 70 percent of the total number of applications, are currently employed. Prime Minister Mamin emphasized that the employment is a key priority, especially in the current situation of economic and business recovery.

We survived a difficult situation. The nationwide state of emergency and coronavirus quarantine lasted for two months. Enterprises and businesses didn’t work. Currently, there is a process of economic recovery. As part of this process, a package of anti-crisis measures and a comprehensive plan aimed at revitalizing the economy, as well as preserving and creating jobs were adopted. We must provide people with work, a steady income, thereby improving their well-being. That is why the issue of employment is now of utmost importance for all of us,” Mamin said.

The Prime Minister expressed appreciation for the good work in implementing the measures for employment support in the East Kazakhstan region, Kostanai region, Zhambyl region and Pavlodar region in Kazakhstan. In contrast, Shymkent, Aktobe region, West Kazakhstan region and Mangystau region were identified as having been lagging behind from others.

“This is an indicator of the insufficient work done by the governors’ offices. Urgent measures must be taken in these areas. All tools for employment support are available and they must be actively applied. We will be conducting constant and systemic monitoring on this issue. Following the results of six months, the issue of employment will be discussed at the expanded session of the government chaired by the Head of State,” Prime Minister Mamin said.