Kazakhstan marks International Children’s Day under quarantine regime

Kazakhstan marks International Children’s Day under quarantine regime

The International Children’s Day is celebrated today on June 1 without the mass festivities. Traditionally, parents in Kazakhstan used to take their children to parks and buy them some sweet treats, as well as give presents on this day. However, the coronavirus quarantine in the most cities of Kazakhstan made the parents to somewhat limit the celebration.

“It is a wonderful holiday and the first day of summer. Usually, we as a family would go to the park to see the fountains, but currently it is dangerous to go to the crowded places due to coronavirus,” said Zhanna Osher, a resident of Nur-Sultan.

“I would like to congratulate all the parents and children with this wonderful holiday! I wish peace and the best for them and their families,” said Gulnara Usmanova, a resident of Nur-Sultan.  

“We with our daughter celebrate the Children’s Day every year. She really likes this holiday. Well, probably, all the children like the holiday when they are the main heroes of the occasion and when they are given gifts,” said Yelena Kim, another resident of Nur-Sultan.

Indeed, despite all the restrictions amid the global pandemic, many children still receive gifts. However, since this holiday is not a Birthday or New Years, parents tend to choose cheaper gifts. The sellers noted the expensive sets or gigantic plush toys are not the case. 

“The most popular toys for girls today are dolls and various clothing sets for dolls, accessories for creating hairstyles, doll houses, electronic ponies and hamsters. As for boy’s toys, radio-controlled cars, toy sets, garages, parking lots and railways are the most popular choices,” said Yekaterina Kovalyova, Toy Sales Manager.

The local authorities congratulate the children with disabilities or from low-income families along with their parents. However, due to the spread COVID-19 infection, many events are held online. The events organized in the Kazakh capital of Nur-Sultan to mark the international day for protection of children include online contests, various campaigns and flash mobs under the hashtag #NS_balalarkuni_bilim.

The International Children’s Day was established in 1949 by the decision of the Congress of Women’s International Democratic Federation in Paris.


Photo: vkanal.ru