Kazakhstan removes quarantine checkpoints across the country

Kazakhstan removes quarantine checkpoints across the country

Checkpoints within the territory of Kazakhstan, which were installed between the regions of the country to keep them isolated more than two months ago, were removed on June 1. The quarantine checkpoints were installed on entry roads to Nur-Sultan and Almaty on March 19. Other regions of Kazakhstan set up coronavirus checkpoints a little bit later.

It total, 400 checkpoints were operating in the country during this period. More than 3.2 million vehicles and nearly five million passengers were checked within 78 days. Each passing driver was checked on the electronic database, while a green corridor was provided for food cargo. 

Policemen, military personnel, representatives of the National Guard of Kazakhstan, as well as the staff of the Mayors’ and Governors’ offices and the sanitary doctors were on duty at the checkpoints.

“It was not easy. The round-the-clock work schedule, as well as the field conditions and the barracks in a number of cases, isolation from home and family, sometimes misunderstanding and reproaches of individual citizens caused enormous psychological and physical stress. However, our employees continued to serve despite the difficulties, clearly performing the tasks set by the country’s leadership throughout 78 days,” said Kazakh Minister of Internal Affairs Yerlan Turgumbayev. 

Meantime, the intercity bus services will resume from June 5.

“Removing the ban on moving within the territory of the country means that the COVID-19 infection rate between the regions of Kazakhstan has leveled off. There is no need now to protect the Kazakh citizens from travelling between the cities of the country,” said Kazakh Health Minister Yelzhan Birtanov.

Deputy Chairperson of the Transport Committee of the Kazakh Ministry of Industry and Infrastructure Development Zhanibek Taizhanov said that the passenger transportation algorithm will be developed taking into account the requirements of the country’s chief sanitary doctor. 

Passengers will be allowed to board the bus only in masks. A complete disinfection of the buses at the final points of the route has been introduced,” Taizhanov said.


Photo: Ratel.kz