Locations of high school graduation exam to be reinforced with safety measures in Kazakhstan

Locations of high school graduation exam to be reinforced with safety measures in Kazakhstan

As expected, the high school graduation exam 2020 in Kazakhstan will be held with the enhanced safety measures amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. In particular, five types of disinfection will be carried out:  test-takers will have to go through a disinfectant tunnel and contactless body temperature measurement, as well as undergo the sanitizing procedure for shoes and hands. In addition, their masks will be replaced by respirators.

In case the test-taker shows symptoms of the acute viral respiratory infection, he or she will be immediately isolated. The student will be able to retake the high school graduation exam at another time. The number of test-takers in the groups will be halved and the number of the groups will be increased respectively. The parents of the graduating students are strongly advised not to accompany their children to the testing locations for safety reasons.

In the Almaty region alone, 15,000 children graduated from high school this year. More than 11,000 students will take the high school graduation exam. Testing in the Almaty region will be conducted in 16 testing centers from June 20 to July 5.

“If the applicant is found to have prohibited items, including smartphones and gadgets at the entrance, he will not be allowed to take the high school graduation exam. He will not be able to take the exam during this year even on a paid basis. The whole process is recorded on camera. If the violator is later detected on videotape, his exam results will be for sure annulled,” said Saule Kabimoldayeva, Head of Almaty Regional Department for Quality Assurance in Education.

In this situation, the high school graduates need to rely only on their knowledge.

“There are only a few days until the high school graduation examination. All thoughts are now focused on the exam questions and answers. I am very glad that our safety is taken so seriously. After such a thorough disinfection, we will be able to focus only on the exam itself,” said a high school graduate Malik Beibarys.


Photo: liter.kz