Kazakhstan renews rail and road transportation between cities

Kazakhstan renews rail and road transportation between cities

Deputy Chairperson of the Transport Committee of the Kazakh Ministry of Industry and Infrastructure Development Zhanibek Taizhanov announced that the checkpoints between the cities in Kazakhstan will be removed starting June 1 and the bus service will be resumed starting June 5. In total, there are 313 bus routes operating between the cities of Kazakhstan with 888 carriers.

For sanitary and epidemiological safety, an algorithm for the carrier operation was developed, taking into account the requirements of the chief sanitary doctor. The operation procedure provides measures for the disinfection of the buses at the final points of the route and for the admission of passengers in medical masks only, as well as for the maintenance of the social distancing at least one meter among the passengers and provision the drivers with the protective gloves and medical masks which they have to change regularly. The fleet employees will be allowed to work only if they have the certificate with the negative COVID-19 test. They will be required to undergo the coronavirus test once every two weeks. One of the main measures will be the control of body temperature of Kazakh residents by thermal imagers at the entrances to the rail stations.

“In turn, mayors’ and governors’ offices in Kazakhstan will take the necessary measures to ensure that the participants of the transport process comply with the operational algorithm. This algorithm can become an effective measure to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 infection in passenger transportation,” Taizhanov said.

These requirements also apply to rail passenger services. First Deputy Chairperson of Kazakhstan Temir Zholy Kanat Almagambetov said that in addition to measures included in the operation procedure of the carriers, the restaurant cars will also be temporarily closed, and the passengers will not be allowed to move between the rail cars.

“As for catering facilities at the rail stations and station squares, they will resume work after the permission of the sanitary and epidemiological service. In addition, trains might be increased by 20 rail cars due to the large influx of passengers. If necessary, trains that previously operated internationally will be involved in domestic routes,” Almagambetov added.


Photo: vlast.kz