Nur-Sultan police officers conduct daily patrols to check if residents follow quarantine rules

Nur-Sultan police officers conduct daily patrols to check if residents follow quarantine rules

The COVID-19 infection continues to spread in Kazakhstan. The number of coronavirus cases in the country is approaching 10,000. The self-isolation index in Kazakhstan leaves much to be desired. Not everyone follows the face mask regime. 

The police officers of Nur-Sultan together with the volunteers speak with the city residents and urge them not to ignore using personal protective equipment. Their main message is that it is very important to observe the sanitary rules. According to the website of the Mayor’s Office of Nur-Sultan, the volunteers not only explain to the city residents that the violation of the rules can extend the quarantine regime in the Kazakh capital, but they also distribute free masks. They conduct foot patrols on a daily basis. They are checking city yards, as well as crowded public places and parks. The police also urges people to maintain social distancing and strictly follow quarantine requirements.

“Let there be peace in our country. I wish everyone to stay healthy. I wish us to win in the fight against the COVID-19 infection,” a resident of Nur-Sultan said.

Nur-Sultan is gradually returning to normal life. The city residents rushed to the beauty salons, shopping malls, cafes and restaurants. Meanwhile, not all of the facilities are safe to visit. As it turned out, not all of the businesses follow the quarantine rules. The mobile team of the Mayor’s Office of Nur-Sultan, together with the police and epidemiologists, conduct daily raids. Experts checked more than 150 facilities within the past week. 12 of them were closed due to the violations of quarantine rules.

“Cafes, restaurants, bars, grocery stores, spa centers and so on are among them. A number of facilities were fined. The companies that resumed their work must strictly observe the sanitary norms. They must install the sanitizers. Their employees and clients must wear masks and maintain social distancing,” the website of the Mayor’s Office of Nur-Sultan wrote.

Hotels, cafes and restaurants of Nur-Sultan were allowed to reopen starting May 18. All of them must comply with the sanitary standards. The Mayor’s Office of Nur-Sultan reminded that the family and other mass events are still prohibited. According to the decree of the sanitary doctor, the night clubs, fitness centers and gyms, massage rooms and cosmetology clinics will remain closed until the complete decrease in the coronavirus infection rate.

“150 companies have already received a warning for violating the quarantine requirements and 26 facilities have been closed. However, they can resume their work if they ensure the compliance with the strict sanitary and epidemiological standards. Such strict rules will help to prevent the spread of the deadly virus,” the Mayor’s Office of Nur-Sultan explained.