Kazakh Minister of Education congratulates students with last day of classes

Kazakh Minister of Education congratulates students with last day of classes

Students in Kazakhstan completed the school year, the last semester of which as well as the last bell ceremony were held online for the first time in the country’s history.

More than four million students switched to distance learning this year. Kazakh Minister of Education and Science Askhat Aimagambetov congratulated them and called them real heroes because they managed to show good results in such conditions. He added that teachers and parents deserved thanks as well.

“All teachers managed to fulfil their intended purpose, to keep working and educating our children. Parents created all conditions to make the distance learning possible and supported their kids. There were many critics, but you have been very understanding of these necessary measures. Thank you a lot,” said Askhat Aimagambetov.

The minister made a special appeal to graduates whose proms were cancelled this year. They will receive their diplomas outside schools on June 3 to 4. Askhat Aimagambetov wished students to reach the peaks and move forward no matter what. Everyone can make their dreams come true only by trying thousand times that imply hundreds of chances, he said. He also spoke about his failed attempt to pass the test.

“I did not receive a university scholarship right after graduation. There is no shame in that. I had a choice: to pay for my education or take a gap year for more thorough preparation. Then I took the responsibility and decided that I would try the next year. I worked really hard and won the grant. Many of you will take high school graduation examination soon. I declare with full responsibility that you do not have to be afraid. This is just one attempt and one of the easiest exams that you have to go through in your life,” said the minister.

More than 130,000 graduates are expected to pass the high school graduation exam this year. Documents’ submission for the testing completed today. According to the Kazakh Ministry of Education and Science, the exam will be held in conditions of enhanced health safety, including distance between the students in the seating and a limited number of people tested in the same classroom. The ministry does not plan to change the dates of the exam that is expected to be held in late June and early July.