Kazakhstan to participate in FIFA Talent Development Program

Kazakhstan to participate in FIFA Talent Development Program

New Messis or Ronaldos will be sought out among young Kazakh athletes. Kazakhstan will become part of the large-scale FIFA (the International Federation of Football Association) project. The program aims to timely identify and develop young promising football players of the schools of  the reserve. The details of the unique program called the ‘Talent Development – Football Ecosystem Analysis’ were discussed by the experts of the Kazakhstan Football Federation (KFF) and FIFA at an online meeting. The participants of the videoconference say that first the FIFA will have to develop a thorough understanding of Kazakh football.

“The goal of the project is to create the most favorable conditions for the identification and development of talented pupils of football schools. As the name of the presented program suggests, first we have to study the Kazakh football as a kind of ecosystem and develop a thorough understanding of its infrastructure in terms of identifying and ensuring the growth of their skills. We strictly practice an individual approach in cooperation with each national association. In different countries, sometimes there are similar, and sometimes different reasons leading to the loss of promising players. We intend to minimize this, avoiding the same approach,” said Edvinas Eimontas, a senior FIFA expert.

The leader of the program is the famous French football coach and now a functionary of the FIFA Arsene Wenger. In 2019, he was appointed as FIFA’s chief of global football development.  Now Wenger has to assess each of the schoolchildren and decide which ones are the most promising. FIFA says that in order to raise a world football star, it is important to first find a talented player and then create the necessary environment in which he can flourish and give him a highly qualified mentor.

“With the FIFA Talent Development Program, we will know exactly what each country is doing to develop their players. Research? Yes. Analysis? Yes. Results? Of course! We are looking forward to the productive cooperation with National Associations to ensure the growth of the game level,” said Steve McLaren, a senior FIFA expert.

As it turns out, only three best football schools out of 13 that were selected to the analytical phase will have the opportunity to introduce the Double Pass development systems in an in-depth manner. FIFA experts will familiarize themselves in detail with the training process practiced in the Kazakh reserve schools. The experts will carefully study the videos from game practices and training exercises.

“After the end of the analytical phase, all 13 project participants will be offered assistance in creating their own talent identification and development program, as well as specific ways to implement it,” said Ivan Azovsky, director of the KFF Technical Center.

According to the FIFA, the Talent Development – Football Ecosystem Analysis program participants will include carefully selected schools of reserve that meet the basic key criteria. Time will show which of the Kazakh football schools will enter the program. 



Photo: kaz-football