Kazakh film to take part in three prestigious film festivals

Kazakh film to take part in three prestigious film festivals
According to Kazakhfilm studio, a film “Breaking the barriers” will take part in three international festivals of Turkey, Greece and the United States at once. The documentary film by Kazakh film director Banu Ramazanova shot on the request of the Kazakh Ministry of Culture and Sports tells about a legend of equestrian sport of the Soviet Union, the thoroughbred Akhal-Teke stallion Absinthe and about the current potential of show jumping in Kazakhstan.

“The film “Breaking the barriers” holds a special place in my heart, not only because it is my debut work, but also because due to the movie we worked on for almost a year, I met amazing people, our heroes. We saw everything that happened to them: how they chose the horse, how they worried, when the horses got sick, how they prepared for the World cup in Kazakhstan, which was not held for more than four years, and how they were happy with their achievements,said the film director.

The movie will take part in the main competition of the Anatolia International Film Festival in Turkey which will be held on May 30 to 31. The film received nominations in the categories “Best Documentary film”, “Best Original Music” and “Best Film Director”.

The film will also be presented in the main competition program of the 7th International Documentary Film Festival in Greece from August 1 to 7.
Later, the film will be shown in the main contest of the Docs Without Borders Film Festival from August 23 to 30. This is one of the major festivals of documentary films in the U.S.
Photo: 24.kz​