How Kazakh schoolchildren are going to spend summer holidays this year?

How Kazakh schoolchildren are going to spend summer holidays this year?

The fourth term of the school year is finally over and it is time for the summer holidays. The days of the Kazakh schoolchildren are now free from the distance learning. The parents are facing a new problem – how to organize the vacations for children. Many adults don’t want to let their kids go to the summer camps this year due to the current COVID-19 pandemic.

“I am not sending my children to the summer camps during the global pandemic. This is very risky, because every child has a different immune system. The coronavirus infection continues to spread. I think it is better to send the kids to the village to stay with the grandparents. There is everything that children need: fresh air, healthy milk, sour cream, cheese, vegetables and fruits. If children stay in the city, they can spend time outdoors in the playgrounds but of course following safety precautions,” said Gulmira Kalaubayeva, a resident of Nur-Sultan.

“We try to stay at home now for the sake of our children. There are many activities for self-development. We read books, prepare our favorite dishes and buy useful toys. We go outside only for a few hours a day. Our parents live in the same city with us, so children stay there on weekends,” said Dana Aitenova, a mom of three children from Nur-Sultan.

However, summer camps for children won’t be closed this year. Head of the Education Department of Nur-Sultan Sholpan Kadyrova assured that the camps will be working in compliance with the strict sanitary rules and under the supervision of the responsible government bodies.  

“Four suburban centers will be opened for children from the Kazakh capital, including ‘Arman’, ‘Borovichok’, ‘Batyr’ and ‘Tulpar’. The orphans and children left without parental care, as well as children at risk will be able to go to these camps. In addition, the work of the summer recreation academy will be organized within the schoolchildren’s palaces,” Kadyrova emphasized.

She also said that despite the novel coronavirus quarantine and the cancellation of many significant festivities in Kazakhstan, the country will still celebrate the International Children’s Day on June 1. This year the nationwide campaign called ‘Everything for the children’ will be organized as part of the International Day celebration. The holiday will be held online.

“On this day, parents and their children will have the opportunity to get legal advice from the competent experts via the online session on Instagram. In addition, the open air sports ground will be opened, where competitions in national sports will take place. The festive greetings will be organized for children living in difficult circumstances,” Kadyrova resumed.