Demand for children’s literature is growing in Kazakhstan

Demand for children’s literature is growing in Kazakhstan

The publishing houses heads say that circulations of children’s books are increasing. Experts explain that the stories for kids are in a constant demand in contrast to the books that live only for decades. There are always new children’s authors that come up with new exciting storylines. The authors keep up with the times and always know for sure what the modern children and their parents are expecting from the literature. The young writer Kate Heaven Lee also managed to find her niche in children’s literature. She is the author of the book for children with special needs called ‘Elina learns about inclusion’.  

“My book will be useful not only for children, but also for parents, who can’t always find the right words to answer children’s questions. Fortunately, now there are more and more parents who want to raise their children to be more conscious. Therefore, my book will be useful for the adults, who want to talk with their children about socially significant topics and who believe that it is important to teach children to be friends regardless of stereotypes, boundaries and differences. I wanted to dedicate this book to my niece Elina. Sometimes she gets to ask us extra-ordinary questions to which we have no answers, so we start looking for the appropriate answer in the books, Lee shared.

She complains that unfortunately it is extremely hard to find the specialized literature in online stores or in bookstores. The books that get to be published are mostly designed for adult audiences. In addition, such books have a lot of text and few illustrations. Lee found a solution to this problem – she decided to start writing the books herself.

The storyline of Lee’s book tells about two girls, Elina and Lisa, who contribute to improving the city they live in. The girls are trying to make the city more comfortable for people with disabilities.

Another Kazakh book written by Dana Ormanbayeva brings up the topic of friendship and support, as well as parenting.

The main message of my book called ‘We don’t scold children’ is that parents should be partners, allies and friends with their children. They should love their children, but not indulge them. Parents should inculcate the critical thinking in children, show the importance of work and help them develop the skill to create. Most importantly, parents should do all of this showing their children that they are loved. The child should grow up free and always have a right to choose. He always should feel the responsibility to the environment and to the people with whom he will cooperate in the future. Parents should encourage their children to be responsible for everything they do and say,” Ormanbayeva says.

According to the publishing companies of Kazakhstan, the fantasy books and novels are also extremely popular in the country. Often, these books are about Kazakh traditions, mythology, geography and mentality. The young readers find these topics easier to comprehend.