Kazakh citizens stuck in quarantine in St. Petersburg return home

Kazakh citizens stuck in quarantine in St. Petersburg return home

More than 200 Kazakh citizens returned home from Saint Petersburg to Nur-Sultan. The plane landed in the capital this morning. This was made possible by parents who appealed to the Consulate General. The Consulate said that the plane will take off only with enough number of passengers. The aircraft was full. Both students and citizens of Kazakhstan working in St. Petersburg wanted to return home. However, 85 percent of the passengers were still students of local universities and colleges.

We gathered people for the flight in five days. We needed to gather 100 people. Parents communicated with the ambassador; they had their own group chat with him. He was giving all the flight information to all parents,” said student Laura Ospanova, one of the passengers.

Laura said that after they landed, they had their suitcases and passports taken, and then driven to the former hotel Ramada Plaza.

We are here at the moment. Medical staff measured our temperature, took samples from the nose and throat. They bring us food and write our data. We cannot leave the hotel. If parents bring something, the doctors pick it up and pass it on to us,” said Laura.

All the passengers were tested. The results will be ready in 9 to 10 hours. Then it will become clear who will go home and who will go for treatment. It all depends on the result of the PCR-based tests.


Photo:  tengrinews.kz