Sanitary rules negligence among population can lead to quarantine restrictions tightening

Sanitary rules negligence among population can lead to quarantine restrictions tightening

Hotels, small restaurants, cafes, duty groups in kindergartens, as well as mosques resumed their work in Kazakhstan starting today, May 18, after months of coronavirus lockdown. Despite the fact that the life is gradually returning to normal, COVID-19 infection rate in the country is growing and showed a 5.2 percent growth over the past weekend. This raises the question whether it was too early to lift restrictions.

Head of the Nur-Sultan Department of the Committee for Quality Control and Safety of Goods and Services Zeken Isakov said that the quarantine measures might be tightened in the Kazakh capital. He criticized the negligence of the city residents regarding compliance with the sanitary norms.

As we see, the large number of people is not wearing protective face masks, although we keep saying that wearing a mask is one of the most important protection tools in preventing the growth of the novel coronavirus spread. Moreover, the number of COVID-19 cases in the country keeps growing. The employees of the officially approved taxi companies, as well as people in public places, don’t stick to the imposed mask rules. The failure to comply with the mask rules may lead to the fact that we will return to the previous state, which in turn can lead to us having no other choice but to tighten the quarantine regime in Nur-Sultan again,” Isakov said.

The spokesperson of the City Transportation Systems Oksana Loskutova said that the violation of the sanitary norms by the residents of Nur-Sultan may also lead to the suspension of public transport. She noted that the risk of the COVID-19 infection is still high and urged the public transport passengers to wear medical masks. The passengers are not allowed to board the bus without wearing a mask.

The Atyrau Region Chief Sanitary Officer Temirbek Mussagaliyev also shared his negative forecast on the coronavirus situation.

In case of the violation of the quarantine regime, the number of infected people can sharply increase, and by May 31 there can be more than 2,000 coronavirus cases in the region. In this regard, it is better to lift the restrictions gradually,” Musagaliyev said.

Experts say that only further adherence to the self-isolation regime and sanitary rules can guarantee the optimistic forecast on the COVID-19 situation. If the Atyrau region residents will follow the sanitary norms responsibly, the coronavirus cases in the region will not exceed 800.