Restaurants, cafes and summer terraces prepare to reopen on May 18

Restaurants, cafes and summer terraces prepare to reopen on May 18

Next Monday on May 18, restaurants, cafes and summer terraces will reopen after a two-month lockdown amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. The temporary closure of the restaurants was a real challenge for the businesspeople as many of them suffered serious losses. However, some of the restaurateurs managed to adjust to the situation and set up a takeaway service.

Finally, the public catering companies are allowed to resume work. They must observe the enhanced safety requirements. At the moment, the restaurateurs are actively preparing to reopen their facilities, but first the restaurants had to undergo the sanitary inspection. The personnel of the Mayor’s and Governor’s Offices of Kazakhstan along with the epidemiologists inspected the readiness of the cafes to resume work. They checked the facilities on the compliance with the necessary sanitary norms. All of the eating facilities will be required to maintain a strict sanitary and epidemiological regime. All of the employees as well as the visitors of the eating facilities will have to follow the sanitary rules. The businesspeople of Nur-Sultan were warned that the risk of coronavirus infection still remains. 

Entrepreneurs must provide their employees with the personal protective equipment, including medical masks and gloves, as well as hats and robes if they are necessary for work. It is important to maintain a two-meter social distancing. In addition, there must be hand sanitizers at the entrance and the exit of the facility,” the Mayor’s Office of Nur-Sultan reported.

Restaurateurs realize themselves how important it is to make their facilities safe for visitors. They purchased the necessary protective equipment in advance. All chefs work in a special ‘antivirus suits.’ Sanitizers are installed everywhere and became a must-have item in the eating facilities.  

We are all set and ready for the opening. Everyone is excited. Our staff missed the guests of our restaurant. The fact that we weren’t fully closed during the lockdown is our personal victory. We worked for a delivery. All of the restaurants purchased the necessary protective equipment, including sanitizers, masks and so on. We purchased them for the visitors as well. We prepared the new summer terraces. We prepared special offers for our regular customers. We updated the menu. We worked out several marketing tools and can’t wait to welcome our guests,” shared Anna Dossanova, the marketing specialist of a restaurant chain in Nur-Sultan.

In many countries the restaurateurs came up with various creative ideas to help their visitors to maintain social distancing.

In Vietnam, the eateries set up plastic shields to prevent the COVID-19 spread - transparent wall separates tables from each other.

The restaurant in Amsterdam introduced ‘quarantine greenhouses’ so the diners can eat while social distancing.

In one of the coffee shops in Hong Kong, the tables and chairs were wrapped with the duct tape so that the visitors could not sit too close to each other.

It is still unknown whether such unique methods will be used in Kazakhstan. Time will show, all we need is to wait till Monday.