Resorts in Kazakhstan are getting ready to welcome tourists

Resorts in Kazakhstan are getting ready to welcome tourists

Resorts in Kazakhstan will open their doors for tourists after a long break. And though there is still quarantine in the country, hotel owners have not lost hope and are preparing to open soon. They received the official permission starting May 18.

According to the travel agents, local tours are not selling yet, because experts do not know when exactly any health resorts, hotels and even cities will be opened.

However, the experts are confident that after the long isolation, Kazakh citizens will start buying tours across their homeland, many of which are no worse than the foreign ones. Specialists forecasted that at least 12,000 people would attend resorts of the Alakol Lake this season. In the East Kazakhstan region, more than 20 tourist attractions are planned to be opened this year in the Bukhtarma Reservoir and mountains of Katon-Karagay. A four-star hotel and a health resort will be built in the Urzhar district.

This year, we expect to receive nearly 300,000 tourists. Our resorts will be provided with a full range of sanitary protection. This will not affect the tourist flow. At least 12,000 tourists will visit the Alakol Lake, while nearly 10,000 will attend resorts of the Bukhtarma Reservoir,” said Marat Kabakov, head of the Regional Tourism and External Relations Administration.

One more attraction that is very popular among the tourists in Kazakhstan is the Caspian Sea. Resorts in Aktau are getting ready to open as well. New facilities are being built to accommodate tourists here, including a big resort complex for 1,000 people that will be constructed 20 kilometers away from the city this year. The main feature of the project will be warm beaches, water parks and pools with seawater.

Travel agents said that Kazakh citizens are also interested in Balkhash Lake and Burabai resort. Director of the Kazakhstan Tourist Association Rashida Shaikenova said that works on improving the infrastructure in these regions are underway.

We understand that one of the main emphasis will be placed on short weekend tours. We are waiting for the lift of restriction on movements within the country. We are waiting for our tourists. I hope that they will receive the services they wanted for the appropriate amount of money,” commented Rashida Shaikenova.

More than 6.6 million people in Kazakhstan visited local resorts last year. The city of Almaty had the biggest number of local tourists, followed by Almaty region, Nur-Sultan, East Kazakhstan region and then Akmola region.