Kazakhstan prohibits senior proms

Kazakhstan prohibits senior proms

Senior prom for all students is their ticket to adulthood. A farewell to school is always a ceremony. Students prepare outfits, do hairstyles, learn songs and dances. This year, coronavirus affected this big event as well. According to the Kazakh Ministry of Education and Science, this time, graduation and the last bell ceremony will be held together on June 3 to 4. The prom was prohibited at all. Students have to give up their outfits. The ministry recommended holding the graduation ceremony in regular school uniform this year.

Since graduation examinations are cancelled this year, the Kazakh Education Ministry decided to hold this event in the beginning of June. High school certificates will be solemnly presented. The last bell will ring. The event will take place in schools outside with observance of sanitary rules and no guests,” said Altynai Zarlykkyzy, press secretary of the capital’s education department.

School principals supported the ministry’s recommendation and informed students that there will be no proms this year.

We expect 44 students to graduate this academic year. During the evening, a special festive event will be organized for students, those who actively participated in school life will be awarded, and the last bell will ring. The event will be held in the schoolyard, in the fresh air, without guests, only with the graduates and with observance of sanitary rules. The ceremony will end with a memorable photo of graduates and a tree planting in the school yard,” said Meruyert Abuova, principal of #57 high school of Nur-Sultan.

Graduates have not lost hope. They said that the event could be celebrated in July, when the quarantine will end. Many of them even ordered prom dresses at showrooms. Fashion designer Anastasiya Romanova told which outfits schoolgirls choose. She explained that many graduates canceled their sewing orders due to the pandemic. Most schools decided to celebrate proms no matter what. Just a little later.

The graduates are divided into two categories. Some choose modest and concise, minimalistic dresses of delicate shades, while others choose bright, flashy dresses with lots of lace, decorative elements, with a train and others. Graduates have been choosing two different dresses for the graduation ceremony and the banquet for several years. Most of them often choose a short and a long dress,” commented Romanova.

The fashion designer added that trouser overalls and suits are also popular this year. It is stylish and fashionable. Transformer dresses are also popular among graduates. One of the undoubted hits of 2020 is reflective and glowing in the dark fabrics. The decor of pearls and feathers is also popular.
“Last year, dresses in powdery shades were very popular. This year, nude tones are in demand, but with cold shades: blue, lilac, smoky whitened colors, shades of metals, silver, bronze, steel,” concluded the designer.

Senior students said this is one of the most important days of their life. They hope that schools will hold the traditional event after the quarantine ends.

However, even if this does not happen, a dress of the latest design in the wardrobe will never be redundant,” believe graduates.


​Photo: alau.kz