Heavy rain causes water floods in Turkistan region

Heavy rain causes water floods in Turkistan region

Several districts of Turkistan region at once were flooded because of heavy rains that resulted in the rising water level in local rivers. Tole Bi district suffered the most.

It started at 16:00 in Kaskasu river and resulted in the flooding of four private residential houses and 15 courtyards in Yekpindi village,” stated the report of regional emergency department.

Dozens of villages and Lenger city were flooded in the Tole Bi district. The water flow weakened only by midnight.

The water and rain stopped flooding by 00:00. The situation is almost stabilized. We evacuated 77 people that is nearly 14 families to an evacuation center. Our working group began looking around and finding out how many houses were damaged,” said Mayor of the Tole Bi district Bauyrzhan Omarbekov.

The emergency department reported that the water reached 367 yards. According to the official data, four bridges were washed out due to the rising water level. Fortunately, there are no victims among the population.

The situation is stabilized in Kazygurt district as well. 133 people were evacuated there, including 45 children. They were provided with food and medicines, and now they have already gone to their relatives. 55 people were evacuated from Baidibek district. Villages in Sairam and Tulkibas districts suffered a lot as well. A working group is looking around and collecting the information at this moment. The regional emergency department established an emergency headquarters to eliminate the floods effects,” wrote Saken Kalmakanov, Deputy Governor of Turkistan region, on his page on Facebook.

The floods also affected Shymkent, where 60 private houses suffered in Yeltai microdistrict.

14 units of fire equipment, more than 57 personnel and Shymkent city’s utilities services were sent to the site. At the moment, the situation in the Yeltai district is stable. Yesterday’s situation occurred again. The forces of the National Guard are involved. The water level dropped, the rain stopped. More than 150 people were evacuated and located in four assembly points,” reported the emergency department of Shymkent.

South Kazakhstan declared the storm warning. Forecasters said that rain, thunderstorms and strong winds are expected again. The threat of rising water levels in the rivers and floods remains in the mountainous regions until May 15.



Photo: tengrinews.kz