Public transport services gradually resume operations in Nur-Sultan

Public transport services gradually resume operations in Nur-Sultan

Today, on May 12, the public transport services in Nur-Sultan resumed operations with the maximum number of vehicles. They will run from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. The first phase resumed the routes of the city buses. The second phase will restart the suburban lines, which means that the residents will be able to visit their summer cottages. All buses undergo disinfection procedures, while the bus drivers are required to observe safety measures. They will be wearing medical protective masks, gloves, as well as using sanitizers. Passengers as well should not forget to follow the important hygiene and social distancing regulations. The number of the passengers should not exceed the number of seats in the bus. For the time being, the buses should not be crowded. The drivers now have to monitor how many people are in the bus and to admit them only through the front door.

Still, the majority of the residents are either working remotely or quarantining at home in self-isolation. Therefore, we don’t expect such a large flow of the passengers, as in normal times. The public transport was resumed only for those, who must be physically present at their workplaces and to participate in the production process. Everyone else is recommended to continue working from home,” said Zhannat Dubirova, the head of iKomek 109 city center.

Cash payments will no longer be accepted. Passengers will have to pay the fare either with a card or using a smartphone. According to the Mayor's Office of Nur-Sultan, the monthly tickets, which the residents didn’t have time to use due to the state of emergency and the lockdown restrictions, will automatically keep their validity in the next month.

The validity of the April bus pass will be transferred to May. The monthly ticket will be valid from May 12 to June 11, 2020. There are new tariff plans that became effective starting March 28 of this year. Children under 18, if they have a transport card, can ride the public transport in Nur-Sultan for free,” the press office of the Mayor’s Office of Nur-Sultan reported.

The website ‘’ will be resumed tomorrow, May 13. The residents of the Kazakh capital will be able to rent bicycles. In the beginning, only 200 bicycles and 50 stations will be available for people. However, by June the number of bicycles will increase to 700. In order to use the bikes, one needs a subscription. It is impossible, however, to purchase the subscription without a registration. The system of the service requires indicating the name, address of residence and phone number.

According to the coronavirus emergency response commission, the railways will not be restarting their passenger services for now. It is still unknown when they will be resumed. It is possible that the trains will not run until the coronavirus quarantine is over.