Extreme sports are becoming increasingly popular in China after coronavirus lockdown

Extreme sports are becoming increasingly popular in China after coronavirus lockdown
In China, the tourism sector is actively recovering after the coronavirus outbreak in the country. The Chinese residents are suddenly increasingly interested in the domestic tourist destinations. They are now allowed to visit nearly 70 percent of the total number of tourist attractions located in China. Currently, parks, museums, restaurants and shopping centers are open for travelers.
Another interesting fact is that extreme tourism became popular among the Chinese residents. Experts believe that this is due to the long national lockdown restrictions that were caused by the COVID-19 pandemic – the accumulated energy and mental stress that people experienced during the months in isolation now need to be released.
For example, some tourists chose to travel to this launch site. It is located at an altitude of more than a thousand meters above sea level. After taking off, the skydivers remain in the air for several minutes and then land on the site 500 meters below. 
This is an incredible experience. This is my first flight, but I’m not nervous at all. I felt like I could conquer the sky and really wanted to jump. This is very exciting,” tourist Feng Xue shared.
There is an airfield, which is located in the north of the Chinese province of Hebei. Tourists can choose to fly on various aircrafts there.
I really enjoyed it. Especially, I was impressed how everything looks from the height of the sky. It turns out that everything on Earth is divided into small squares.  I have never seen this before. I want to come back here again,” said tourist Yang Shaohui.
Currently, the Chinese tourism market offers a lot of tour packages for the family weekend family getaways. Many tourists come to spend their day offs in the mountains of Sichuan. Despite the fact that the snow has already melted there, and the slopes have become green, the visitors can still try themselves at winter sports.
I came here with my friends. It is very beautiful here. You cannot get tired of this.”

I came here with my daughter. She will soon get back to school. The climate here is good. The nature is just so beautiful, and this place doesn’t have as many visitors.”

However, the tourist attractions are still working with some restrictions. They are allowed to receive no more than 30 percent of the maximum real-time number of visitors, and no more than 30 percent of the daily visitor capacity. These measures allow the tourists to maintain social distancing.
​Photo: tourister.ru