Recovery work in Maktaaral district is underway

Recovery work in Maktaaral district is underway
The press service of the Committee for Emergency Situations of the Kazakh Interior Ministry reported that 6.1 million cubic meters of water was pumped out from the flooded areas of the Maktaaral district.
Temporary dams with a total length of 22 kilometers were constructed, three collectors were installed in the direction to Myrzakent village, 86,000 bags of sand were laid in Nurlyzhol, Firdousi, Orgebas, Yrysty and Zhantaksai villages. The water is being pumped in Nurlyzhol, Zhanaturmys, Firdousi, Orgebas, Dostyk and Zhenis villages.
Four roadblocks were set up to ensure the public order in Zhanaturmys, Firdousi, Orgebas and Zhantaksai villages.
1,030 residential houses of five villages of Maktaaral district including Zhanaturmys, Zhenis, Firdousi, Orgebas and Dostyk are still inundated. Residents of the flooded villages are living with relatives and in ten evacuation centers in Maktaaral district. Currently, 3,252 people are located there.
Construction of a new microdistrict for the flood victims has recently begun in Turkistan region. The start was given by Kazakh and Uzbek Prime Ministers. According to the Turkistan region’s mayoral office, the microdistrict’s construction is planned to be finished by August 15.

In Myrzakent village, it is planned to build residential houses, school, kindergarten and health centers for 500 families of Zhenis, Zhanaturmys and Dostyk villages that were affected by the flood.

Spokesperson for the agricultural department of Turkistan region Nurbek Badyrakov has recently reported that the flood damage amounted to 4.1 billion tenge (over US$9.7 million). 7,639 hectares of agricultural land were damaged, while 297 livestock were lost in Maktaaral district of Turkistan region.

We calculated all the costs and gave recommendations to the Government. Compensation will be made soon,” said Badyrakov at a briefing.