Over 150 people in Kazakhstan receive online psychological support in a month

Over 150 people in Kazakhstan receive online psychological support in a month

Nonstop arguments during self-isolation? Hard to work with children at home? Depression and constant stress? Psychologists will help to cope with these negative thoughts.

Coronavirus pandemic in Kazakhstan contributed to the work of a website that provides counseling and psychological support. The source https://covid-19.mentalcenter.kz/ where specialists help Kazakh citizens to overcome the problems they faced during the lockdown becomes more and more popular. More than 30,000 people from different parts of Kazakhstan visited the website over a month. Specialists held over 150 individual online consultations.

I sent an application to the website and the center psychologist contacted me. I am very glad that I decided to seek help, although I had previously doubted the effectiveness of their work. I feel much better and take the specialist’s advice. I also liked that online consultations are free,” said a young mother from Nur-Sultan.

People here can find answers to their questions and receive free online consultation of professional specialists during quarantine. You just need to register and send a request describing your problem.

People can read specialists’ advice, write questions to psychologists and receive online consultations on the website. Kazakh citizens are mainly concerned about problems such as insomnia, fear of loneliness, concern for the future. Every person has an opportunity to receive online consultation and psychological support in self-isolation conditions,” said General Director of Republican Scientific and Practical Center for Mental Health Nikolay Negai.

More than 70 specialists from all regions of the country took part in the project, including aces of healthcare, education and private clinics.

Children may face with additional anxiety and stress amidst coronavirus pandemic and especially during changes in normal support mechanisms. Children of all ages struggle with these emotions in different ways and they often depend on the emotions of adults. The website is very important for both adults and children,” commented UNICEF Representative in Kazakhstan Arthur van Diesen.

A new page has been recently created on the website providing a kind of practical advice to psychology teachers who work in schools on the organization of psychological support. Now young specialists can contact experienced consultants when they have difficulty working with children and their parents.



​Photo: info-profi.net