Kazakhstan to create 225,000 jobs as part of anti-crisis measures

Kazakhstan to create 225,000 jobs as part of anti-crisis measures

In the near future, 255,000 jobs will be created in Kazakhstan. This was announced at the government conference call during which the implementation of the Employment Roadmap was discussed. Kazakh Minister of Labor and Social Protection of the Population Birzhan Nurymbetov said that the unemployed youth will be given the first priority in employment. In total, as part of the implementation of all state programs, 1.2 million people will get employed in Kazakhstan.

Today maintaining employment of the population is the main priority for the government. The Employment Roadmap provides for more than 6,500 infrastructure projects related to the renovation and construction of the social facilities, as well as engineering and transport infrastructure, housing facilities, improvement of human settlements and irrigation systems. This will allow for creating 255,000 jobs. The implemented projects, along with the temporary employment of the population, will contribute to the tackling of social problems and further economic effect,” said Askar Mamin, the Prime Minister of Kazakhstan.  

Prime Minister Mamin instructed all government authorities to ensure that the planned employment-based indicators are achieved.

The Mayor’s and Governor’s offices across the country must complete tendering proceedings and begin the full implementation of the infrastructure projects by the end of the month. The majority of goods and services used in the projects must be domestic. All of the allocated funds must work for the national economy,” PM Mamin said.



​Photo: eurasianeconomic.org