Seven villages of Turkistan region remain under flooding risk, says governor Shukeyev

Seven villages of Turkistan region remain under flooding risk, says governor Shukeyev

Uzbekistan will help Kazakhstan to restore the flooded areas in Turkistan region. During the government meeting, the governor of the Turkistan region Umirzak Shukeyev asked to open the borders for the experts from the neighboring country. Shukeyev also said that there is still a threat of flooding in seven villages of the region.

We were in Uzbekistan and spoke with our colleagues. We also looked at the places, which are in danger. We will dig additional canals near the Kogaly village. Once the situation is stabilized, the experts from Uzbekistan will come to our region with their equipment to help us. For our part, we should open the border with Uzbekistan,” Shukeyev said.

The governor of the Turkistan region Shukeyev said that experts discovered that the groundwater is very close to the villages of the Maktaaral district due to the terrain, which is why the water could remain there for a long time.

That’s why we will dig ditches of various kinds there to dump water using pumps. In this regard, together with the Ministry of Ecology we should address this problem and to purchase the necessary pumps,” Shukeyev said.

Several villages were flooded in the Maktaaral district of Turkistan region after the dam breakthrough of the Sardoba reservoir in Uzbekistan on May 1. 31,606 residents of 14 villages were evacuated. By now, only the residents of Myrzakent and Akzhol villages were allowed to return to their homes.

The bridge in the Zhenis village and 54.7 kilometers of roads of nationwide, regional and district significance were flooded due to the emergency situation. In addition, 7,639 hectares of arable land remained under water.

On the instruction of the Kazakh Prime Minister Askar Mamin, the government emergency response commission led by Kazakh Deputy Prime Minister Roman Sklyar was created.

The commission will first promptly assess the damage in the five villages of Zhana Turmys, Zhenis, Firdousi, Orgebas and Dostyk. Then, it will begin the work on restoring their engineering, transport and social infrastructure, as well as houses,” Mamin said.

The Kazakh PM said that the government will provide all the necessary assistance to the victims of the floods.