Turkistan region flood damages the area for almost million dollars

Turkistan region flood damages the area for almost million dollars

According to the press service of Turkistan region’s governor office, the preliminary flood damage in Maktaaral district amounted to 404 million tenge (US$954,700). Inventory work of agriculture sector is currently underway. Nearly 3,600 hectares of crops was flooded including the most affected villages such as Zhenis, Zhanaturmys and Zhantaksai as well as Zhanazhol and Yenbekshi rural areas. 85 percent of the flooded agricultural land was planted with cotton, while the rest – with alfalfa and corn.

95 experts are currently making an inventory of flooded arable land and livestock losses. There are still few opportunities to fully calculate the cost of damage to arable land and livestock in the Maktaaral district. Now, we, together with the district agricultural department, are studying the information provided by the population. We will visit flooded villages soon to determine the exact number of losses and the extent of damage,” commented spokesperson for Turkistan regional agricultural department Turganbek Ospanov.

According to the latest data, as the result of the floods, 620 houses were affected in Zhana-Turmys, Zhenis, Firdousi and Orgebas villages of Maktaaral district. Checkpoints in the villages were established to ensure safety of residents.

Cattle continues to be evacuated in the Maktaaral district. It is still unknown how many animals drowned due to the high water level.

Meanwhile, in Uzbekistan, criminal proceedings were instituted over the flood caused by the dam breakthrough of the Sardoba reservoir. According to the Uzbek Prosecutor General’s Office press service, the perpetrators will be punished under two articles that are negligence and violation of the safety rules for mining, construction or explosive work.

400 rescuers are addressing the effects of the emergency situation in Uzbekistan.



Photo: tengrinews.kz