What enterprises start working today in Kazakhstan?

What enterprises start working today in Kazakhstan?
Today, May 4, hairdressing and medical centers returned to work throughout Kazakhstan due to mitigation of the quarantine measures. It is necessary to make a reservation to get an appointment though.
From now on, non-food stores with an area of up to 500 square meters, photo shops and flower stalls open in all regions of Kazakhstan. Bailiffs, lawyers and notaries are available strictly by appointment reservation.

Microfinance organizations, pawnshops, exchange offices, insurance companies, information and communication technology companies started working  as well, with a schedule from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

The country’s main city comes to life due to easing of the quarantine measures. Nearly 60,000 people came back to work today starting from 9 a.m. Clothing and shoe stores as well as flower pavilions also began working in Nur-Sultan.

As reported by headquarters, only small and medium-sized businesses that are located in separate buildings or have their own entrance can open. Those who rented offices in department stores will not be able to work yet, since the malls are still closed.

In Almaty, companies providing real estate services, shoe repair, dry cleaning and publishing houses will start working as well.

In Shymkent, pet shops and real estate agencies were added to this list. The city’s residents can also visit public baths with individual cabins.

The state of emergency in Kazakhstan was extended until May 11. However, residents were permitted to play with their children on the playgrounds and do sports outside. Moreover, a number of regions allow flights. Airports were opened in Nur-Sultan, Almaty, Kyzylorda, Oskemen and Semei.
​Photo: 24.kz