Kazakhstan celebrates People’s Unity Day

Kazakhstan celebrates People’s Unity Day

Kazakh citizens celebrate People’s Unity Day on May 1. This holiday is a symbol of agreement and solidarity among all ethnicities and nationalities living in Kazakhstan. This year, the COVID-19 pandemic made adjustments to the celebration of people’s favorite spring holiday – festivities will not take place, as well as friends will not be able to gather together at one dastarkhan, which is a traditional meal setting. However, people of Kazakhstan showed the power of unity in the fight against coronavirus. The Assembly of People of Kazakhstan urges everyone to be united in the most important thing in the current challenging times, which is to follow the recommendations of the World Health Organization and to comply with the quarantine rules.

This year, for the first time, we won’t be celebrating this holiday with friends at one dastarkhan with songs and dances, due to the current COVID-19 pandemic. Everyone will spend this day at home for the sake of health of all the Kazakh people. No matter what shape our life takes…history and values cannot be changed! We, people of different ethnic groups and cultures living in the Independent Kazakhstan, managed to preserve peace, traditions and culture. This is the most valuable thing that we will pass on to our children and grandchildren! Our strength is in the unity! On this day, we should think again about the most important things in life, which are friendship, tolerance and peace!” said Farangiz Akhmetova, the Chairperson of the Entrepreneurs’ Association of the People’s Assembly of Kazakhstan.

The global pandemic has shown the humanity that all people are equal. The novel coronavirus doesn’t select its victims by skin color or nationality. On the contrary, people should unite and help each other in this time of uncertainty. This is what the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan does. The ethno-cultural centers of Kazakhstan didn’t stand aside and joined the ‘Biz Birgemiz!’ campaign. They prepared and delivered the aid packages with essential goods to the socially vulnerable groups of the Kazakh population, during the state of emergency and the quarantine regime. Volunteers visited the homes of large and low-income families, as well as people with disabilities and lonely pensioners. The volunteers delivered to them antiseptic and hygiene products, medications and food.

It is necessary to raise not just young activists. It is important to raise and educate the younger generation in the spirit of patriotism and preservation of our traditions, one of which is respect and care for the elderly. I am sure that in such challenging month, we, the people of Kazakhstan, will overcome this crisis and will show our best qualities,” says Ravil Valeyev, the First Deputy Chairperson of ‘TAN’ Tatar-Bashkir ethno-cultural center.

People’s Unity Day in Kazakhstan is a holiday of kindness, peace and brotherhood of all ethnic groups living in the country. People in Kazakhstan are witnessing the successful development of the multinational country due to their unity, the Assembly notes. All the members of the large family of the Assembly are always active – they support all of the initiatives in Kazakhstan. In addition to charity events, they participate in flash mobs in support of health workers, as well as popularize on social media the important dates in the history of Kazakhstan, such as the birth anniversaries of Abai Kunanbaiuly and Al-Farabi.

Thus, we contribute to maintaining stability in our society. One day the hard times will pass, and we will be able to go out from our homes and continue to do our outmost on implementing and developing the great work the Assembly stands at the roots of! Together we will overcome all the challenges! I sincerely congratulate all the Kazakh citizens with the People’s Unity Day!” says Dmitry Ostankovich, the Chairperson of ‘Radima’ Belarus ethno-cultural center.

Kazakhstan is a multinational country with more than 150 nationalities living in harmony and unity. The Assembly of People of Kazakhstan is a unique organization and an example for other countries. This year, Kazakh citizens proved their unity in the fight against COVID-19, which is showed both in battling the coronavirus and in compliance with quarantine measures.