Festivities to People’s Unity Day in Kazakhstan to be held online

Festivities to People’s Unity Day in Kazakhstan to be held online

Kazakhstan marks the People’s Unity Day tomorrow. All regions and Kazakhstan’s Ethnic Assembly offices prepare interesting and memorable events to hold them online due to unfortunate circumstances. Tune in:
1) State Philharmonic of Nur-Sultan invites all Kazakh people to watch online concert “Yntymak mekeni” (place of cooperation). No need to buy a ticket or observe the dress code.



2) Kazakh celebrities such as Roza Rymbayeva, Tolkyn Zabirova, Parviz Nazarov and Ali Okapov will perform at a live concert on YouTube channel.



3) On May 1, Abylkhan Kasteyev Museum of Arts in Kazakhstan launches a new series “Dialogues with a spectator” with participation of famous Kazakh artists. They will talk about the art features and answer the questions. The event will broadcast on the museum’s official Facebook page.



4) Kazakh theatres will perform their plays on the People’s Unity Day as well.  Saken Seifullin Kazakh Drama Theater will perform a play “Kelinder koterilisi” (riot of daughters-in-law) online on its YouTube channel.



5) Temirtau theater for children and youth will present a fairytale “Wise Zhaman” online.



6) You can try to cook dishes of various cuisines as well. There are dozens of video recipes on the Internet under the hashtag #готовимвместедома (cooking together at home). The challenge was launched by ethno-cultural associations of the country.