People in Kazakhstan choose domestic travel destinations

People in Kazakhstan choose domestic travel destinations

Currently, the tourism industry is in stagnation due to the COVID-19 pandemic – almost all of the foreign trips were cancelled and very few travelers rebooked the purchased tours for a later date. Travel agencies complain that such an unprecedented occurrence they witness for the first time ever. According to the travel agent Roza Yessenkulova, her business is now in a lull. She hasn’t sold a single tour since the beginning of nationwide lockdown in Kazakhstan. A few Kazakh citizens still may call to the travel agency, but only to ask about the directions of the domestic tourism. Currently they are interested neither in the heavenly places of Maldives, nor in picturesque Thailand. 

So far, the potential clients are only calling us to ask about our offers, they are not buying anything. In particular, they are interested in Alakol and Aktau,” said Roza Yessenkulova.

The Kazakh Tourism National Company confirms the fact that the country’s tourism sector is in stagnation. However, there are also positive news. Thus, people are indeed becoming more interested in the domestic tourism destinations. Especially, Kazakh citizens are actively asking about such popular travel destinations as Burabai, Alakol or the Caspian Sea. These resorts promised to open new hotels in the near future with the all-inclusive system, which is rather new for Kazakhstan. Taraz, Turkistan region and Almaty region are also the destinations that the Kazakh travelers consider attractive.

This year, great attention is paid to the development of transport links. Thus, the domestic low-cost airline, even before the global pandemic hit off, launched nearly 10 new flight destinations mainly connecting major cities with the resort towns. In addition, the completion of construction and renovation of several airfields in Kazakhstan, including Turkistan, Shymkent, Usharal and Kyzylorda, has been already announced,” said press secretary of the Kazakh Tourism National Company Yernur Kenzhebekov. 

The Kazakh Tourism National Company launched a quest game specifically to find out which of the domestic destinations Kazakh citizens are the most interested in. The users had to name the vacation destination that suits them the most. The beach of the Caspian Sea was the most popular response among the respondents. This once again proves the fact that the beach tourism remains the main model of tourism among the Kazakh travelers, Kenzhebekov noted. He said that Katon-Karagai and Almaty, including its mountain cluster, also were among the most common responses. Thus, these are the destinations that the Kazakh citizens will most likely choose for their trips when the COVID-19 lockdown is over. The state of emergency in Kazakhstan was extended until May 11. The flights between Nur-Sultan and Almaty will be resumed starting May 1.