Kazakhstan’s Ethnic Assembly offers journey through national cuisines

Kazakhstan’s Ethnic Assembly offers journey through national cuisines
If you want to learn about cuisines of different ethnic groups, you should go to ethno-cultural associations of Kazakhstan. National dishes presented here are khingalsh, khinkali, barmak, dolma, chapilgash and others. For example, representatives of the Belarusian-Baltic ethno-cultural association of Kostanai cooked some shaneshki and shared its recipe as part of a cooking challenge #готовимвместедома (cooking together at home) launched by the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan.
The recipe is easy to cook. Knead a dough and prepare the filling. Mash potatoes with butter and milk. You can add spices and herbs to your liking. Make baskets from the dough. Put the mashed potatoes in the baskets and put them in the preheated oven for 20 minutes. After that, take out the shaneshki, grease with yolk and put them back to brown. That's all: the fragrant shaneshki with potatoes are ready.
Meanwhile, representatives of “Duslyk” Tatar-Bashkir ethno-cultural center in Kostanai cooked sweet cookies “barmak” made of shortcrust pastry with nut filling.
Let’s cook the filling. Chop walnuts, add granulated sugar, vanilla sugar and melted butter and mix it. Divide the dough into three parts and roll each part into a maximally thin layer. Cut the dough into squares and put a small amount of nut filling on each of them and then roll them. Bake barmak cookies for about 20 to 30 minutes at 180 degrees Celsius. Baked cookies should be cooled and sprinkled with plenty of icing sugar.
The cooking online project explores cuisines of various nationalities during the quarantine. Polish, Tatar-Bashkir, Turkish, Chechen and Slavic ethno-cultural associations of the country have already taken part in it.
You can find recipe videos in the link below. However, those who do not speak Russian would have to follow YouTube’s autogenerated translation and watch the action closely.
​Photo: foodindustry.kz​