Kazakhstan’s Ethnic Assembly launches online Kazakh language classes

Kazakhstan’s Ethnic Assembly launches online Kazakh language classes
The Assembly of People of Kazakhstan launched an online version of the project on Kazakh language learning, called ‘Mamile’. The branch of the Assembly in the North Kazakhstan region was one of the first to join the online project. The spokespeople of the Assembly said that the number of people willing to learn the state language of Kazakhstan online increased during the nationwide coronavirus lockdown. The Assembly provided the Kazakh citizens with the opportunity to participate in the online language classes. Now everyone can improve its Kazakh language skills without leaving home by just joining the online lessons on the official Instagram account of the People’s Assembly of Kazakhstan in North Kazakhstan - @ank_sko.

The classes of the ‘Mamile’ discussion club are held weekly. Now, the course mentors have a good opportunity to expand their audience due to the new online format of the classes. The students will be offered an interesting study program, which will consist of learning new words and sentences, as well as practicing speaking skills using dialogues.  The feedback between the mentors and the online course listeners has also been thought out. It will be maintained through homework and tests.

The Kostanai Regional Friendship House also launched the online video lessons on learning the situational conversations in Kazakh language. When the coronavirus lockdown is over, the lessons will be held in the classroom two times a week, on Wednesdays and Sundays.
​Photo: camonitor.kz