Which professions are in high demand during coronavirus lockdown in Kazakhstan?

Which professions are in high demand during coronavirus lockdown in Kazakhstan?
Only the fast survive - this idiom greatly suits the current situation in the labor market in Kazakhstan amid the novel coronavirus. The global pandemic is changing the world in so many ways. Thus, those professionals who were in great demand in yesterday’s world have to either retrain for other jobs or wait until the quarantine is over and they could get back to their old jobs.  

The professions that do not depend on geographic location are in the most popular demand. Now the employers urgently seek information technology professionals, as well as specialists in transport and logistics. Medical staff and blue-collar workers can also easily find a job in today’s circumstances. There is also a great demand for sales managers, web consultants, call center operators, SMM specialists, web developers, real estate agents and delivery guys,” noted the online recruiting platform hh.kz

Experts noted that there was no reduction in salaries due to the global crisis among the listed above vacancies. The average salary starts from 100,000 Tenge (US$231). The largest number of remote job offers comes from Nur-Sultan and Almaty.

In the digital age employers tend to hire the job seekers, who possess several additional skills, are easily trained in new technologies and ready to become multifunctional. In the rapidly changing world, there is a high demand for flexible employees, especially during the coronavirus quarantine. The schools in Kazakhstan fully switched to distance learning, so teachers had to adjust and learn how to teach online. Since the gym facilities were temporarily closed, the fitness trainers started to record online workouts for their clients. There can be a lot of examples of how the professionals in different fields made a smooth transition to the online world. Experts recommend people to keep learning new skills throughout the whole life. It is important to be always prepared for the new challenges and changes in the labor market.
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